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About Pernille

In 2017 sky high expectations to myself catapulted me home on my couch in my small Nørrebro apartment in Copenhagen. For 3 months I spent most of my time sleeping, meditating, and walking. Social interaction was way more sporadic than usual.

I was working as a management consultant and had recently been trusted with the role as project leader of a +10 million DKK project. Yes, it was a complex project spanning 10 countries and included leading and developing bright colleagues in my project team.

But what pushed me over the edge was merely my own unrealistic expectations and non-ability to say, “No thanks, I am not ready for the role – ask me again in a year or two”.

From this time on I have been hooked on how we can create healthier, more flexible, and thriving workplaces through honest investigation of our inner landscape and from personal growth.

The next generation of leaders are at the centre of my work.

Pernille Vindeløv

Pernille’s background

With a background in management consulting, I have heavy experience with organisational development and have helped organisations transform results both in Denmark and abroad, specifically through leadership and culture development as well as change leadership.

Working with many different types of clients and industries I lead from a deeper knowing of what becomes possible for an organisation, when leaders curiously look at themselves, act with courage and vulnerability, and inspire people to bring their whole selves to work.

I live with my boyfriend and our two small children in Birkerød north of Copenhagen. I keep being amazed of my children’s spontaneous excitement of the small things in life, be it yoghurt for breakfast or a bus driving by. Nature is a rather new but precious friend of mine and I love hiking alone in the Danish forests or exploring foreign mountains and volcanos with people I love.

Pernille’s Educational Foundation

I am a certified cognitive coach and transformational speaker. I hold a master’s degree in Engineering Management from The Technical University of Denmark. I ongoingly attend courses within adult development and coaching and keep challenging my own view on coaching and the art of public speaking.


  • 2022: Leadership Coach and Public Speaker, vindeløv
  • 2020: Senior Change Leader, LEO Pharma
  • 2015: Lead Management Consultant and Happiness Officer, Valcon

Relevant Courses

  • Growth Edge Coaching, Cultivating Leadership
  • Transformational speaker, Mindjuice Academy
  • Certified coach, Mindjuice Academy
“I believe in courageous decisions and vulnerable actions.”

Pernille Vindeløv

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Pernille Vindeløv
Lindehøj Vænge 31
DK-3460 Birkerød

T: 28 72 96 46