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Results follow when people thrive

I am committed to bring more courage and consciousness into the leadership of tomorrow. I support the next generation of leaders to create positive change and live meaningful lives.

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The world needs change – our next generation of leaders play a vital part

We need the next generation of leaders – talents and young leaders – to succeed with the transformation towards a more green and sustainable future where people thrive and are treated equally.

We need more courageous and flexible leaders. Leaders who dare to make tough decisions. Who can handle complexity. Who are vulnerable and understand how to take care of themselves.

The question is:

How can organisations create the best conditions for the development of next generation leaders – and thus support the individual leader in taking on personal leadership?

Leaders who work consciously with their personal development create bigger results and are better at leading and inspiring other people

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Book me for a personal, honest, and thought-provoking talk.

I use my personal experience and give my perspectives on how you navigate as a young leader. Just as important, I share my perspectives on how organisations create the best learning condition for the talents and young leaders – the core of the future organisation.

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I am a loving warrior – when I am at my best

I am dedicated to use my business experience, warm-hearted approach, and willingness to ask the tough questions to support the next generation of leaders.

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“Pernille has been exercising her personal coaching courses with me and I am very happy with the useful output. Pernille succeeded in changing my perspective on several matters by consistently challenging my perception of issues by asking the right questions. Pernille is a very trustworthy and kind person, which made honesty and transparency in the process very natural.”

Troels RemClient Service Director, ONE Marketing

“I liked Pernille's energy, direct approach, and thoughtful questions. The coaching sessions with Pernille have helped me to rethink my assumptions about creating a meaningful work life. Guided by Pernille’s genuine curiosity, kindness, and honesty, the sessions have created a safe and important space for me to check-in with myself and reflect on being a young professional and a new leader.”

Anne Lund KristensenHead of Tech Solutions, s360
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I look forward to making change happen together with you.

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“I believe in courageous decisions and vulnerable actions.”

Pernille Vindeløv

Pernille Vindeløv
Lindehøj Vænge 31
DK-3460 Birkerød

T: 28 72 96 46